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#15 The New Class Instruction System

Posted on 2014/10/22

Posted on 2014/10/21 in Japanese

At the moment I am thinking about changing the Dojo system. Up until now deciding which instructor would teach which class hasn’t been set. It was basically a matter of seeing which instructor suited the timing of the class on the day. This was because I didn’t want to see people thinking things like, “I’m only going to take this instructor’s class.” Students haven’t known who will instruct the class right up until when the lesson starts. I quite liked this system. This is because no matter the instructor, all members could feel that they have gotten a good level of instruction.

But that being said, I think it may be time to change to a “Set Instructor” system. This would be a little more professional.

Basically, Tsuyoshi is at Aoyama, Iwasaki is at Mita and Hashimoto is at Hiroo. Iron, Thomas & Yusuke are doing support. In addition, Jason and Michael will be responsible for 1 class each.

It has been decided that I will teach only 3 classes per week. Of those, 2 will be the Over 40s class. I have decided to focus on the next step for me, which is taking care of the administrative stuff for the dojos. Any instructor other than myself is able to teach classes but only I can do a lot of the administrative tasks that keep on piling up.

Even though I say this, when the staff are away overseas or injure themselves then I will be a kind of super-sub. This will always be the case. The chances of having no one go away or having no injuries are quite low so in the end the chances of me teaching are quite high.

Actually, up until now the staff haven’t had set days off. I just told them to take a day off when they wanted to. Perhaps because of that it wasn’t easy for them to take a day off. From now on everyone will get 1 day off a week. I want them to relax at home, go see a movie or just do something they like.

On the days when a dojo is scheduled to be closed I have decided to have competition practice meets. This will be special practice only for staff and selected competitors.  For example, on a day when Hiroo is closed, everyone will get together there and train to their heart’s content. On that day I will teach all of the classes at Aoyama and Kenichi will do the same at Mita. In this way we will be able to further support the competitors at the dojo.

Tsuyoshi, Iwasaki, Hashimoto, Yusuke, Iron, Thomas, Honma. When I think of these guys training it gives me shivers. I also want to let our white belt staff Take participate. It is ok to have it like a kind of break for everyone right. After a couple of years he will be able to spar like regular.

I will put up the new schedule with Instructor’s names at a later date. Please do not worry, the schedule is not going to change.



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