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#13 On to the Next Stage

Posted on 2014/08/23

(Posted on 2014/08/20 in Japanese)

It has been a while since my last update. I was hoping to have Hiroo Dojo open in August but unfortunately it got pushed to September 1st. Now finally the interior is almost done and we are starting to teach lessons as “pre-opening” from today (August 23rd). I feel like, ”Yeah, we have finally got to this stage!”

Our staff has now increased by 2. We got a 21 year old new instructor, by the name of Tomoyuki Hashimoto, from out in the country. He has only 1 year left before he graduates university but he has left school and will focus on BJJ. Tomoyuki is going to do his best as an instructor at Hiroo. Right now he is living in Tsuyoshi and Iwasaki’s apartment. But it looks like Iwasaki will soon be moving closer to Mita Dojo. Actually it is Tsuyoshi who is taking care of Tomoyuki. I think that helping out the staff is something that should be enjoyable. Even though you may be in the learning stages, if you can’t enjoy it then there is no way you’ll be able to keep on doing it.

In the world of cooking it is said that the first year is nothing but dishwashing, but at CARPE DIEM it is just the opposite. The day after you arrive in Tokyo we are getting you to teach classes. Now he has already gotten used to instructing. I believe that if you give someone responsibility then this will help them develop and grow quickly in order to try and meet it.

Our other new staff is Thomas, the French guy. As CARPE DIEM is kind of an international Dojo I though it best to also have a foreigner on staff. Thomas is a friendly guy and as a Jiu-jitsu player he is great. In addition, he was teaching at a kindergarten and so is very good with children. He is already working hard as one of our staff now.

As the number of Dojos has increased, so has the number of students. It is a bit sad but now I can’t remember everybody’s names. I guess that is a job for the staff at each Dojo. I will continue to teach as much as I can but I guess that I will be stuck in the office a lot more in the future. I remember back in the old Kojimachi days when it used to be just 1 guy teaching almost all of the classes. But now it is time to embark on a new stage with CARPE DIEM BJJ.

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