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#11 To the Worlds

Posted on 2014/05/17


Today Tsuyoshi is leaving again for Caio Terra’s Training Camp. After the camp he is going to fight in the BJJ World Championship. Iwasaki and Iron aren’t training at the camp. They are going to go to the World’s directly.

Champions from all over the world will be competing there. The level is going to be unbelievably high at this competition. It’s the European Open, The Pan American Open and The Worlds. These overseas trips are all held in the first half of the year. Every year, I am wondering if this year all of the instructors will go overseas. Around new years it is always a little worrying. But generally I really want the guys to have the opportunity to go overseas. In our line of work there are no annual bonuses or company trips. So I think that going to these overseas competitions is very motivational for them.

Iron Nakamura seems to have decided to focus more on BJJ and less on MMA for a short while. I think this is something he has given some serious thought to. I don’t really say anything when a competitor makes a decision like this. I just tell them I understand or I see, no matter what they say.

Iron is going to compete in the Purple Feather Weight Division. He has a good chance get into the competition at the highest levels here. But that being said you can’t expect a result. I would like the worlds to be all about experiencing the enthusiasm of competition at this level. I haven’t been to the worlds even once, since the location moved from Brazil to America. I guess it almost certainly must be a very different atmosphere. But no matter where it is held that special “Enthusiasm” doesn’t change, I think.

I have competed at the worlds twice. As a purple belt I came third and as a brown belt I finished in the top 8. In my first match as a brown belt I almost got choked out and lost consciousness. If it hadn’t been the Worlds I would have tapped but I thought to myself,” How can you come all this way and lose in the first round?” and with that thought in mind I reversed it and won the match. Every competitor goes to the worlds with this level of determination. So I really want Iron to experience this.

I really want to go and see Tsuyoshi, Iwasaki & Iron firsthand but it’s just not possible. While they are away overseas I have to be here in the dojo teaching everyday.

I would like to thank all of those who give pocket money, clothing sponsors Scramble Stuff, OSS clothing & ALMA. Thanks to Bedwin & The Heartbreakers for Tsuyoshi’s air ticket. We are all very appreciative for all the support.

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