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#8 Tsuyoshi Won 3rd Place at the Pans

Posted on 2014/03/22


Instructor Tsuyoshi Tamaki won 3rd place at the Pan Open in the Adult Brown Belt Light-Feather division. I am so happy.


Tsuyoshi started training with us back when we had the Kojimachi Dojo. Beause of his school club activities he had a good body but I didn’t think he particularly had any sense. From a comparatively early stage, “There is no way I will give up Jiu-jitsu,” he said,” I want to go to to the worlds.” Of course I’ve seen a lot of young guys like that and I said a little off handedly,” Yeah,Yeah. Please do your best.”But, Tsuyoshi has done it. Somehow or other he just kept putting in the effort. ☺ You could think that he doesn’t have that many friends as he is at the dojo from morning to night training. And he is taking care of all the dojo accounts and administration perfectly.

If I were to start talking about Tsuyoshi there would be no end to it. It is like he is both a little brother and a son. Just like in a family, the development of CARPE DIEM BJJ is being supported through his efforts.
This time he came straight from Narita Airport to the dojo, without even taking the time to drop of his suitcase. I got to see his Bronze medal. It really is quite heavy and great to look at. I really think that Tsuyoshi will continue to work hard in the future.
From teaching a student how to tie their belt for the first time to this. I have really deep feelings about this. Well, he will just have to keep on competing from here on out. All we can do is enjoy it.

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