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#21 Step out of your Comfort Zone

Posted on 2016/04/09

Posted on 2016/03/29 in Japanese

It has been a while since my last column. I have been following the comments and submissions of the Carpe Diem Facebook members. Since we have so many locations it isn’t possible for me to see all of the classes but I get really happy when I see guys post that “Today’s training was great fun!”
2-3 days ago, I was checking out Facebook as usual and I saw a post by Abe, a purple belt member. I got his permission to re-post his comment below.

With the end of the year and school events, this month I’ve hardly been able to get to the dojo. But I have just managed to do two classes a day for 3 days in a row.
On Sunday I took Noda’s class and followed on with Rintaro’s. As I had just finished Noda’s class I was washing my hands when I heard Rintaro call out, “Abe, you’re not going home yet are you.” I had been spotted. (:-) I was reminded of back in Junior high when my senior would ask me if I was playing hooky. When class had finished Rintaro told Mr. K that he had taught passing single x-guard as the age range was very wide. When I come here I can forget all the day-to-day troubles.
I trained a lot and it was great fun. My body is old and I have a hard time sitting usual isn’t so bad as to cause me any concern. Then there is also the fact that the number of new students at the gym, which has made sparring feel really fresh. And of course there is Kazu who is the same age as me. When we spar for the first time in a while it is always like, “Have you been good, no problems?” before we spar.
Strong guys are strong. BJJ is a very simple world. With all of the rather troublesome things we encounter out in the world, I want a hobby that is simple like this. In my case BJJ is something that allows me to step out of my comfort zone and feel the fun of living. I am not all that good and I forget techniques soon but I love Jiu-jitsu.

This is a really simple passage but when I read it I was quite moved. This was because the Abe had described the style of dojo that I had aimed for. He is 53 years old right now. He is a professor at a university and is quite renowned as a top class researcher. Old guys and young guys sweating it out together, that’s a club for adults. Of course because we are doing Martial arts you can’t deny that the strong guys are the stars. But the culture here at CARPE DIEM is also that guys who are strong but put on airs about it aren’t cool. We should respect those old guys, even if they are white belts that have just started because they do have that life experience. That’s the kind of culture that is good to have at CARPE DIEM. While I write about this stuff in my column, it is already a strong part of the dojo culture.
No matter what you do there will always be human relation problems at work. I want that disperse that stress at the dojo. That’s why I don’t want to have any troublesome people problems here. We may some times have a guy say like, “That guy doesn’t want to spar. Even though I said hello he didn’t reply.” But when you can meet the guy he actually wants to spar. He is just a regular shy guy most likely. Once you spar with someone that distance disappears quickly. It is important to get out of your comfort zone, I think! When I spar with guys like Tsuyoshi I get a hard time. In the past I used to beat up on them and nowadays the situation is totally reversed. I don’t really want to see the reality of that. But I do it and I get done over (:-). But it does feel good. If that’s the way it is then so be it. But I always think that next time I will be looking for his weak point. (:-)
Everyone that joins the dojo has a different goal I think. Health, Diet, Self Defense, Become a World Champion, for example. Anything is fine. Despite having different goals though, fate has brought us all together in the same dojo and so I want to see us all treat each other with respect and help each other out during practice. There is no need to go hard when sparring. This isn’t work so it is ok if you don’t win. Please enjoy your losses. It is just having a scuffle. So please let me call you guys CD Boys even when you are in your 50s or 60s.

(Photo by Rintaro)


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