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#20 New Staff Member Kazuki Watanabe

Posted on 2016/02/17

Posted on 2016/02/17 in Japanese

It has been a while but we have had another staff change. We now have an additional staff member, Kazuki Watanabe from Sendai. He is a 24 year old guy who has already got his brown belt.

He is a big strong guy and his calm friendly personality makes him really good when he is teaching Kids.

So, with this we now have 6 staff. Tsuyoshi, Iwasaki, Hashimoto, Thomas, Koya and Kazuki. And there is also Suzuki who is on the Carpe Diem Athlete Scholarship. We have become quite a large family. Hiroo Dojo has also come on track and so now I should be able to finally concentrate on my own work.

Kazuki was working in Fukushima while doing Jiu-jitsu. He said that he wanted to train more at a higher level so that he could improve his own Jiu-jitsu and so he hoped to work at Carpe Diem. He has assured us that, “He will put everything he has into Jiu-jitsu”. Along that line he is working hard everyday. I heard he is drilling with other staff every morning. At 10 he comes to my office and then he cleans does washing and other office work for about 2 hours. From 12 he participates in classes. After class he does situational sparring with other staff and from 4 he has Kids classes. At night there is more instruction and practice. This is his current lifestyle. Right now he is living in the same apartment as Iwasaki. This kind of lifestyle doesn’t last forever. It is something that can only last while you are young. I would like to see him focus and do his best.

Our staff doesn’t have set working hours. As long as they are at the dojo 30 minutes prior to classes they have to teach, that’s all. Aside from that they see to there own individual training. I don’t manage them at all. It is a little tough but all I demand is results. I don’t ask students for results. I just want them to enjoy the training everyday. But with staff, Jiu-jitsu is their job. It is great if they enjoy their work but I have to see results. I am sure the job is tough sometimes but I also want to see them supporting each other.

I expect that Kazuki will apply his abilities and get stronger this year. From next year he will be able to go overseas to compete. So everyone, please welcome Kazuki Watanabe.


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