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#19 Congratulations Hashimoto

Posted on 2015/06/17

Tomoyuki Hashimoto who is a CARPE DIEM staff member and the main instructor at CARPE DIEM Hiroo took first place at the World BJJ Open Competition in the Adult Rooster division! Even better though, he won every one of his 4 matches by submission victory. I am really happy about it. I knew that Hashimoto had the ability to take first place but I never expected he would win every match by submission. I take my hat off to him. This it totally monumental. It is no stretch to say that he has achieved something extraordinary.

There are many cases of competitors winning successive competitions here in Japan and then going to the worlds only to lose their first match. Of course the Brazilian competitors are exceptional but the American competitors are getting more fierce as well. There seems to to be quite a gap between Japan and those guys. I don’t think our training is the cause.  At the top dojos in America there are young guys that, all they do is hang out and do Jiu-jitsu. Their parents have money and so they don’t have to get part-time jobs. They teach at the dojo and get paid for that. Of course there are different situations but here are a lot of guys betting everything on their Jiu-jitsu careers. In Japan we don’t have so many competitors is that kind of situation.

Hashimoto is one of the few competitors that is a full time Jiu-jitsu competitor. Of course he has to teach classes, clean the dojo, take care of the administration and so on but basically he is able to live the Jiu-jitsu life. In addition he’s able to train with Black belts like Tsuyoshi, Iwasaki, Matsumoto and Honma everyday. It is self praise but there isn’t any better training environment he could be given.

He is especially training a lot with Honma and Matsumoto. I won’t touch on their careers in detail here but they are competitors that have left the top Japanese light weight competitors behind and left their marks on the international Jiu-jitsu competition scene. In our BJJ world these guys are both stars. Even now they are both strong competitors, having passed 30 years of age and having families and working. I haven’t asked them but the probably don’t want to “Take the world!” I think it is more like, those two are entrusting the world black belt title that they didn’t get, to Hashimoto. They are training and teaching him while thinking “This guy has a chance to win!”


The other staff members’ motivation has increased from their co-worker’s victory. Hashimoto has received magazine interview requests and a request to do overseas seminars. His first seminar will be held in July in Singapore over 2 days. When you win, you are showered with flattery but when you lose you don’t have a place to live. It’s a plain and simple world. His private lessons will probably increase as will his income. That’s a great thing.

Hashimoto is really quite an interesting guy. He is not really a sporty looking type but when asked if he can do office work he answers that he can’t. :-) I’m always getting angry at his continuous admin errors. I can’t forgive him these errors because he won the at the worlds. I would not hire a guy that didn’t want to have his own dojo some day and so the admin side is also very important too.

Hashimoto dropped out of university to come to Tokyo about a year ago now. Sending a mail to me, someone he didn’t know at all, saying that he wanted to work at CARPE DIEM, took a lot of courage. At that time I was really debating about whether to open Hiroo Dojo or not, but when he contacted me I decided to do it and just get him to run it and so it was decided.  As a young guy of 22 he is doing pretty well I think. I still have that first mail from a year ago “Saved”. The same goes with Iwasaki and Okazaki’s mails. I look at them every now and then. When I read them over again I get kind of motivated too. I really start to feel that I’ve got to make these guys get stronger. However, it’s already to the point where I can’t really give them any lessons and that’s quite a disappointment. For the most part I will do my best backstage to create a great training environment.


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